About Us

Welcome to BadgeSmith, where a group of creative minds, including myself, Lynsey Smith, have come together to turn a simple idea into reality. Starting out as a former elementary school teacher and a mom to three, I found myself drawn to the world of entrepreneurship, eager to scratch that creative itch. This journey led us to create a special place for ID badges that aren’t just about names and photos, but about bringing a piece of your personality into the professional world.

Our mission is straightforward: we want to transform the everyday ID badge into a statement of identity and professionalism. My experiences in education and as a parent have shaped our collective vision, highlighting the value of personal identity in all spaces, especially at work.

Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the internet. It’s our team's pleasure to work alongside you, crafting an ID badge that’s more than just an accessory—it’s a piece of you that you’re excited to wear every day. Let’s create something great together.